Beach Resort Weddings

Couples like that they can combine their wedding with a vacation for family and friends and at a cost cheaper than a wedding they would have at home.  When you factor in the cost of the venue, food, drinks, entertainment and other costs involved for your wedding at home, the destination wedding often comes in under budget.


A beach resort wedding is the most common type of destination wedding due to a number of reasons and options. Beach resorts have the experience to put a destination wedding together. Most will cater to your every whim, and if it is not part of their wedding packages or you want certain things customized, just ask and they will accommodate you.


The All Inclusive Programs

This type of Destination Wedding offers great value and fits the budget when you consider everything is included in one package price.  There is no worrying about extra expenses for food or accommodation while at the resort.  Many resorts include non-motorized water sports, tennis, evening entertainment, daily activities and some even include golf.  All inclusive features differ at each resort so it is best always carefully review the options to ensure the resort fits your needs.


Many hotels and resorts offer special wedding packages that will also let you upgrade on certain items should you wish.  By booking a minimum number of required rooms or guests some properties will include the services of an onsite wedding coordinator , Justice of the Peace or even a

non-denominational minister to perform your wedding ceremony, file your documents, decorate your wedding area, flower arrangements (bouquet and boutonnieres), champagne to toast your marriage, arrange your wedding dinner and your wedding cake.  They will also help with upgrading and arranging photographers, videographers, drinks, décor, menus, hair and makeup or any other details you would like to personalize your wedding.


The Convenience

Everything can be found at your resort from your walk down the aisle to the last dance.  No time is wasted travelling from the church to a park or garden for pictures then onto to a reception location.


The Locations

You could say your vows barefoot on a beach or surrounded by lush tropical gardens or in a gazebo overlooking a beautiful turquoise blue ocean just to name a few venue ideas.


Cruise Weddings

Cruising inspires romance and evokes passion, excitement and even intrigue so it’s no wonder weddings at sea are becoming increasingly popular.  Your wedding, reception and your honeymoon all blend together to create an unforgettable event!  Cruise weddings are a fantastic opportunity for family and friends to accompany you on a journey sailing across blue seas – complete with an amazing array of onboard amenities, exciting ports of call and beautiful horizons.


Couples have the choice of getting married either onboard or offshore.  Onboard, couples can choose from public areas within the ship such as lounge, a library or meeting room that can be decorated to fit your personal wedding theme or taste.  Many ships have their own chapel for those couples looking for a religious ceremony or something more traditional.  Offshore, couples can chose a tropical wedding on a beach or even the charm and history of Europe, the glaciers in Alaska or even Canada or New England.


A cruise wedding can be as simple or elaborate as you want or can afford. Plus, it helps to know nobody has any excuse for not arriving on time. With all your guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen together in one place, there’s often less stress the morning of the ceremony.

Destination Wedding Advisors can help you choose the cruise destination to make your wedding dreams come true.


Romantic Weddings

For couples looking to be married in the most romantic and intimate settings we have some ideas that are sure to please you.


Private Islands and Sandbars

This experience is truly one of the most intimate and oh so romantic! In the middle of the ocean, your own island oasis awaits. In the Bahamas, the couple and their family and friends if attending, are whisked away in a powerboat or just cruise by yacht to your own private sandbar surrounded by turquoise waters, crystal reefs and incredible sealife. After the ceremony and a champagne toast, the couple and their guests head back to the mainland for the reception. There are also some absolutely amazing sandbars and atolls in Tahiti and Fiji that are ideal for this type of ceremony. Simple yet it holds so much emotion and intimacy for the couple in that this venue really concentrates on the ceremony and its meaning, with no distractions or noises of other hotel guests or beach visitors.



Imagine saying your vows in an enchanting medieval castle surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens, towering turrets and stunning interiors and where royalty such as earls, dukes and kings once lived and entertained. Madonna did it when she tied the knot with Guy Ritchie at the famous Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Whether it’s very intimate with just the two of you or big and elaborate with a large gathering of family and friends, there are hundreds of romantic venues in castles all over England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and just about every country in Europe that can create the perfect setting for your wedding.


Waterfall Weddings

A waterfall is not only romantic but as a backdrop to your wedding ceremony, it’s also an incredible scenic experience and can literally take your breath away. Cascading water down a hill or cliff set amongst gorgeous tropical gardens creates almost a quiet calm and a sense of zen in what sometimes can be a very hectic and stressful time.


Most of the Caribbean islands are home to thousands and thousands of spectacular waterfalls with Jamaica claiming bragging rights to some of the best and in Costa Rica some of the most awe inspiring waterfalls can be found throughout the rainforest and mountain areas. If you are looking from something completely remote and secluded, in Hawaii you can be wed at the base of a magnificent waterfall that is only accessible by helicopter. As a Hawaiian musician serenades on guitar against the serene sound of the waterfalls, your Hawaiian minister will blow the conch shell to signal the start of the ceremony. Now that’s a romantic experience you’ll never forget!


Underground Weddings

Another wedding venue that is popping up more and more is the ‘cavern’ or ‘cave’ wedding. You probably would never have thought a cave would be the perfect location, but you may want re-think this once you consider all that caverns have to offer – a unique natural setting, the romantic intimacy the cave brings and the impressive acoustics of the cathedral high chambers all add to make this a most atmospheric setting.


Fun Weddings

Las Vegas

Back in the day, the Vegas ‘quickie’ wedding was once considered tacky and usually for those who wanted to run away to get married. But the Vegas of today is a whole other story. Sure you can still marry in the ‘The Little Chapels of Love’ throughout Vegas with Elvis officiating the ceremony or at a drive-thru, but actually, the tacky wedding is a thing of the past. You can now marry at the Eiffel Tower, along the canals of Venice, at Terrazza Di Sogno in front of the Bellagio fountains or even at a tropical resort and never leave Las Vegas.


Almost all of the hotels in Vegas offer wedding packages, whether it be in the hotel’s own chapel or a more themed event at locations within the resort such as the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. The choice of luxurious and elegant venues that Las Vegas now offers has grown leaps and bounds from the days of the ‘Rat Pack’.



Cinderella’s Castle is just one of the many venues where Disney® can make your ‘fairy tale’ wedding become a reality. They offer a great selection wedding packages with many option to style your wedding exactly how you want it.


The ‘Escape Collection’ is a charming and elegant way to celebrate your wedding with up to 20 of your closest family and friends. The ‘Wishes Collection’ is more lavish and with the wide array of choices available, you are able to create any enchanting environment your heart desires. And the ‘Couture Collection’ is a reflection of the couples individual style and personal flair. Destination Wedding Advisors and a Disney® team of wedding experts will help you to create a one-of-a-kind celebration that is distinctly yours.


Some Tips for Your Destination Wedding

Choose a good travel consultant that you can work with and who will listen to your needs.  Why not try a Destination Wedding Advisors specialist that has helped many couples plan their destination weddings?  Don’t underestimate the value and experience that will help guide you to create and make your dream wedding come true.


Plan Early – Many resorts only do a certain number of weddings per day.  The earlier you plan the better chance you have of getting the resort as well as the date and time you want for your ceremony.


Once you have picked your destination and date invite the guests you would like to come to the wedding.  Don’t stress out about their opinions or who attends. Usually only half will attend.   Remember it’s your day and that’s all that matters!


Your Destination Wedding Advisor will discuss all the required documents and legal requirements for the destination you have chosen.  Make sure to have them all ready when needed.   Also follow up on any vaccinations required.


Remember to enjoy the process and don’t sweat the “little things”!


Getting married in a new destination or at an unfamiliar resort can sometimes increase stress levels. And although your Destination Wedding Advisors Specialists assures couples they are very familiar with the resort and destination, there is something to be said about experiencing it for yourself. We encourage our couples to get a ‘sneak peek’ at their wedding resort and destination with a short 3-or 4-night stay. These quickie getaways allow couples the chance to get to know their wedding resort, meet with the wedding co-ordinator and see the ceremony location.


Wear sunscreen and/or stay out of the sun the day before the wedding.  Sun glasses will leave marks and you don’t want to be burned!


Smile and enjoy your big day!



Destination Vow Renewals


What is a Vow Renewal?

A vow renewal is a ceremony where a couple publically re-commits to their relationship by expressing their enduring love for one another.

A sentimental rather than an official legal event, a vow renewal is a way for a couple to commemorate an important milestone, such as a major wedding anniversary or important personal milestone.


Is it legal?

Since you are already married and in possession of a wedding license, your vow renewal does not require any additional paperwork and the ceremony need not be officiated by a recognized authority. While many priests, ministers, and rabbis are glad to reside over this type of happy event, you can also have a judge, notary public, relative, or close friend do the honors.


Destination Vow Renewal Considerations:

When do we want to renew our vows?

What kind of budget can we afford for a destination vow renewal?

How do I choose a location for my destination vow renewal?

Who do we want to invite to our vow renewal? Will we need invitations?

Should we plan on having our children participate?

Do we want to record our vow renewal in photographs or on video?

What are the benefits of having a vow renewal?

When should I start planning my destination vow renewal?

What does your destination vow renewal specialist provide?


Your Destination Vow Renewal Specialist can help you answer any of these questions. Contact one of Canada’s Top Destination Specialist.